Did you know?

  • BC Fresh Grapes have diverse uses. They are great eaten fresh, make fantastic jams and jellies, are great to cook with and can also be frozen for year round enjoyment.
  • BC Fresh Grapes are best stored at 0° - 2°C for up to 5 weeks from harvest
  • The velvety blue coating you see on BC Fresh Grapes is the bloom.  It is the grape’s natural defense against disease.


  • BC Fresh Grapes are only available in Western Canada
  • BC Fresh Grapes are available from the end of August to mid-October
  • BC Fresh Grapes are shipped from the vineyard to retailers within a few days of harvest

BC Fresh Grapes Varieties


  • Bath grapes are blue, seeded, with a mild ‘Concord’ flavour, and are best enjoyed eaten out of hand or in a favourite jelly or juice recipe


  • Coronation is the most abundantly planted table grape variety in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. It is a blue, seedless variety developed in Summerland, making them unique to our region
  • Seed traces are sometimes found in Coronation grapes. These are called vestigial seeds, and are usually soft, and not noticeable
  • Coronation grapes can be used in any berry recipe.  Whatever cross-grocery items featured with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries should be displayed with these grapes.

Einset Seedless

  • Einset are pink seedless grapes with a mild strawberry flavour and can be used for cooking as well as enjoyed fresh


  • Introducing a new table grape called Venus. Bred in Arkansas and released to the marketplace in 1977, it has travelled a long road to find a new home in British Columbia
  • Venus is a deep luscious purple-black skinned grape with large compact clusters and wide ‘shoulders’
  • They are the result of crossing the ‘grapey’ flavour of the North American grape with the floral and fruity flavour found in European Muscat
  • This juicy grape is very versatile and is great on the table, in a jelly or added to a salad

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