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Pursuant to the bylaws of the British Columbia Grapegrowers' Association

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do hereby apply for membership to the British Columbia Grapegrowers' Association.

The members of the British Columbia Grapegrowers' Association include Full Members and Associate Members (as defined below) who shall have the rights and obligations attached to each class of membership.

A person who is a grapegrower is entitled to be a Full Member. "Grapegrower" means a person, partnership of persons, corporation or joint venture that grows grapes on a commercial basis, either for that party's or parties' own use in processing of wine or for sale to third parties.

Any person who is not a grapegrower, but who has a vested interest in the British Columbia grape and wine industry by reason of that person's involvement in and with that industry may apply to become an Associate Member.

I/We are applying to be a: Full Member  Associate Member I agree to uphold the constitution and comply with the bylaws of the Association.

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