Machinery and equipment
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Post date: Jul, 28, 2021
FOR SALE from Time Winery; Diemme Kappa 25 Destemmer Crusher 18 – 23 Tons p/h Stainless Beater...
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Post date: Jul, 10, 2021
5 metre long cooling snake. This tube-within-a-tube snake is used to recirculate glycol or cooled...
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Post date: Jul, 10, 2021
Stainless steel chill plate to cool and maintain temps in 1000L tank using glycol or cold water....
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Post date: Jul, 10, 2021
I have a Yamada NDP-25BSH Diaphram Winery Pump that I bought last year from Bosa. It's maybe seen...
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Post date: Jul, 03, 2021
If you have any unwanted steel posts please let us know as we are looking for a quantity for our...

Post date: Jul, 01, 2021
Used Gripple TORQ Tensioning Tool $75 OBO AND 500 gripple fasteners in assorted sizes $630 OBO or...
Post date: Jun, 09, 2021
I'm looking for anythng from 650hl to 20hl. Any leads or contacts woud be greatly appricated....

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