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BC grape growers provide quality grapes that support the highly valuable wine industry as well as premium fresh table grapes.  Some growers specialize in the home wine market with sales to wine clubs & home winemakers throughout western Canada.

The BCGA represents growers in matters such as:

  • Plant Import Regulations
  • Risk Management Programs such as Crop Insurance & CAIS
  • Farm Practices topics
  • Rural/urban land use issues
  • Water use & conservation discussions
  • Environmental Farm Planning Program
  • Update to the BCMAL Cost of Establishing a Vinifera Vineyard  

The BCGA has representation on the:

  • BC Wine Grape Council
  • BC Wine Institute
  • Interior Horticultural Sector Group (BC Agriculture Council)

The BCGA supports and provides administration for the:

  • Starling Control Program and it’s steering committee

Our organization’s committees include:

  • Fresh Market Grapes
  • Finance
  • Crop Insurance Advisory
  • Website          
  • Membership

We organize an annual grower day with speakers & topics of interest to grape growers. 
The British Columbia Grapegrowers' Association is a non-profit organization that represents all commercial grape producers in British Columbia on agricultural issues and concerns.  We work with other industry organizations, with provincial and federal agricultural organizations and all levels of government to represent, promote and advance the interests of all grape growers in British Columbia.
Membership with the British Columbia Grape Growers' Association is entirely voluntary and funding for the Association is from the annual membership fees, currently set at $150 per year for full membership and associate membership.  A person who is a grapegrower is entitled to be a Full Member.  A grapegrower is defined in our bylaws as someone who grows grapes on a commercial basis either for that party's own use in processing of wine or for sale to third parties.  Any person who is not a grapegrower, but who has a vested interest in the BC grape and wine industry may apply to become an Associate Member.
Our Board is elected annually by our members at our Annual General Meeting and Grower Day.

The objectives of the BCGA are to:

  • Represent, promote and advance the interest of grapegrowers in British Columbia.
  • Promote agreement among grapegrowers in representations to governments at all levels and to wineries and other wine and grape growing related industries.
  • Cooperate with other horticultural or agricultural organizations of primary producers with similar objectives, as the directors or members may consider advisable.
  • Cooperate with governments at all levels and with wineries and other wine and grape growing related industries to improve the economic welfare of the grape growing industry in British Columbia and the quality of grapes and wine in British Columbia.
  • Work toward stable and profitable markets for British Columbia grapes and wine.
  • Disseminate information to grapegrowers on grape varieties, viticultural practices, harvesting methods, prices and marketing of grapes.
  • Enhance the knowledge of grapegrowers and the consumers of grapes and wine through educational programs and materials.
  • Develop and implement generic marketing programs to ensure the full utilization of the fresh grape crop.

An elected board of directors manages the association. Connie Bielert provides the administrative and day-to-day management of the association. The fresh market growers are all members of the association's Fresh Market Grape Committee, which is co-chaired by two of the growers, Doug Sperling, and John Casorso.

BCGA Bylaws & Constitution

If you'd like to read the BCGA Bylaws & Constitution it can be found here: BCGA Bylaws & Constitution